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Buy Telegram Post Views – Channel View [ Cheap Price ]

In the telegram, when an item is sent to the channel and is posted as a famous post, at the bottom of the post the icon will appear along with the letter k; it represents the symbol and phrase of the post-telegram visit and indicates the amount of the visit it was made from.In fact, every 1k indicates that thousand members viewed the post.

Buy Telegram Views [ Cheap ]

The letter k is the unit number used in the telegram to count the members. In some other social networks such as Instagram, the letter k is a unit number and is not only in the telegram, which is used (k). In the following, we will review the post and its variants.

The incremental view of the post is of two types:

  1. Increase single post hits
  2. Increase post hits from 10 to 50 posts

How to Increase single post hits (single post) ?

Increase single post hits,through posting to other channels, and the channel members are viewed from the post and the number of posts in that post increases.

How to Increase post hits from 10 to 50 ?

Post-telemarketing is a method through which the postal informal subscriber telegrams are viewed and added to the number of visits, and in the common sense of the telegram, it increases. The higher the number of visits made to the posts of a channel, the greater the credibility of that channel, which makes other users more willing to join the channel and increase the number of members on that channel.

Note: There are several factors that increase the credibility and efficiency of a channel, one of which is the amount of hits that occur from channel posts. Channels with high voicemail rates are usually more reliable, and other users are more interested in joining this category of channels. Post-telemarketing is a way for people who want to increase their channel’s credibility.

Benefits of buying a postal telegram visit:

  • Rising number of posts
  • Increase channel credit for users
  • Encourage other users to join the channel by visiting the top postal telegram
  • A propaganda method to attract members

FAQs :

What is the purchase price of the telegram post view?
As the main provider of Telegram visits, we have considered the lowest amount and the starting price is $ 1

Is the Telegram post view real?
Yes, the visit is done in real time and for a moment from your posts

How long does it take to place an order?
All orders start in less than 30 minutes