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Social networking Businesses ( Social businesses Promotion )

Social networking businesses

Social businesses Promotion

Teaching social networking management for businesses

Social networking businesses
Social networking businesses

The management of social media and their media content is nowadays vital for business, and sometimes requires the recruitment of specialized forces.

Digital marketing involves diverse and dynamic segments that will increase the interest of the brand’s audience by generating leads to attract more audiences and ultimately increase business sales.The main task of marketing managers in companies is to understand the processes and processes of each of these components and how to get the best out of each one.
Social networks or, more specifically, social media today have become a vital part of digital marketing. These tools have many benefits to attracting the audience and, of course, like all other components of this combination, require careful and professional management.

  • The reason behind the importance of these networks in the first place is the high activity of the potential audience of all businesses.
  • The next reason is the cost-effectiveness of this type of digital marketing. Businesses, especially their newbies, are always looking to get the best return from marketing with the lowest budget, and social media is the best answer.
  • Generating a customer-to-customer conversion rate is also more likely to be on these channels than others (such as website and email)

Social Media Management :

As a current user or manager, you’re definitely familiar with the various social networks, including Instagram and Twitter. But do you have information about how to use these networks and their media properties in business growth?
Familiarity with the management of these media and the clever selection of channels for the marketing of the company is a positive step in expanding business, increasing audience and their conversion rates to the customer.

The type of content and timing for publishing are the main drivers of media management

In the simple definition of social media management, the management process of communication and content publishing is on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so on. This management is a process beyond posting content in the corporate social network profile.The role of content delivery is fundamental, but media management also includes such things as attracting the audience and increasing brand access and recognition of it as well. In connection with these cases, the main tasks in managing social media are:

Select the right social media platform :

Before planning a comprehensive social media management, you should choose the best social network for business activity. The following is a brief overview of each social network, its type of content, and the benefits of each one for businesse

Facebook: This monthly social network has more than 2 billion active users, which includes a huge range of types of interests. In addition, gender and age diversity is strong in this social network.Facebook is a good source for businesses with a large, even global community.

Social networking businesses
Social networking businesses

Instagram: This platform is the best choice for businesses that produce a lot of visual content, including photos and videos.the main users of this social network are youth, and women are more active than men. Instagram is the best option for businesses with products in the field of fashion, lifestyle and visual arts.

Social networking businesses
Social networking businesses

LinkedIn: Business-friendly social networking can be considered as the best choice for B2B-based organizations. Companies that intend to target any other business can use this service. Using LinkedIn you can find people based on their business type, industry or job titles, share content and communicate with them.

Social networking businesses
Social networking businesses

Twitter: Twitter has more than 300 million active users worldwide every month, and is increasingly known as the World Wide Web and Global Trends. This platform is suitable for businesses interested in participating in industry day discussions. In addition, Twitter can be used to share news and content related to the business with the audience and make them interested in the brand.

Social networking businesses
Social networking businesses

YouTube: is the best place to share video content. YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, and it’s possible to see the interest of the audience by publishing content in it. This service provides unlimited hosting services for your videos so you can maximize the power of video content.

Social networking businesses
Social networking businesses

Telegram: This social network allows you to share the products of a large number of contacts in the form of a group and channel.

Social networking businesses
Social networking businesses

Social Media Strategy Development

Developing a strategy for social networking is an important part of ensuring that the advertising and marketing campaigns are effective in these networks. After choosing a business activity channel, you must plan and schedule your content distribution, as well as determine the type of content for your business. The first step in this phase is to identify the audience and their favorite content. You need to develop content that is attractive and, of course, addresses your needs and challenges.

Social networking businesses
Social networking businesses

In designing social network management strategies, the two key factors for attracting and responding should be well understood. Incorporation will involve attracting a variety of content to attract more audiences, and responding to your relationship with the audience on these networks.

Planning for content publishing
One of the most important factors in managing social networking success is stability and sustainability. you should know the stability of publishing high-quality content as your core business. To achieve this goal, you need to have a comprehensive plan to explain the release date, delivery method, the type of content and social network you want.To achieve this, you can schedule a calendar for your content team, and use the same tool to monitor their work. Content marketing editorial calendar can be designed with a variety of tools like Google Calendar and personalization tailored to suit business needs. You can even put the content link published on each network in this calendar to have comprehensive monitoring of your social media campaigns.

Social networking businesses
Social networking businesses

Publish content on social networks
The main focus of social media management is the production and dissemination of relevant content on the social network. In addition to producing text content, it also pays off on image and video. In addition, some companies, in addition to publishing their original content, also redistribute the content of partners and business partners.
This section of social media management requires your accurate knowledge of the target network as well as the audience. You should know the best content for your social network, and, in addition, identify the content most often viewed and shared by the target audience.

Reply to fans
Answering the fans and people who are commenting on your pages on social networks is an important part of success in these media. When someone comments on one of your channels, it’s an opportunity to attract new audiences and also show the importance of the audience in your brand.
As a result, continuous reviews of social networking comments are one of the mainstream media management programs. Direct messages should also be read and responded on a regular basis. Be sure to read it thoroughly before posting it and compare it with general company policies, because such responses will often be publicly announced and will represent your brand.

Social networking businesses
Social networking businesses

Search and collaborate with other users
Working with social networking users is one step further than responding to their comments.
This process means searching and finding new opportunities among users, starting a conversation and communicating with them continuously.
For example, communicating with social networking sites is a big step forward in attracting more people. Do not forget that these people have a large audience and can share a lot of them with your brand by publishing your content.

Social Media Promotional Campaigns
Another important part of social media management is the implementation of targeted advertising campaigns in networks. Publishing proprietary content and trying to attract audiences is a positive step in managing social media, adding content and promoting content on other networks.
In the meantime, targeted advertising, which is distributed through the artificial intelligence of these networks, will increase the ability to reach a potential audience for your brand.
Perhaps this potential audience has never heard of your company, but the display of an advertisement related to past activities and interests will familiarize them with your brand.

Social networking businesses
Social networking businesses

Manage competitions and festivals
Contesting and awarding awards to social networking audiences, in addition to increasing the interest of existing audiences, also increases the chances of attracting new audiences.
The implementation of these programs does not require much activity, and can even be increased by publishing simple content and asking the audience to comment.
In order to run more professional competitions and award awards, you should consider the steps to specify the rules, the winner selection, the award ceremony, and the publication of the prize.

Monitoring and checking performance
Like all other marketing components, and especially digital marketing, social media also needs to monitor and monitor performance. This monitoring is the only way to measure the success of campaigns, published content, contests, and other social networking factors.
With this oversight, you can also determine the return on investment in this sector and take steps to correct or modify the required items.

Social Network Management Newsletter
With the study of Social Media Management’s explanation, you may have concluded that this part of digital marketing is very time consuming and your company is not capable of full implementation. The Hootsuite service is one of the most popular tools for managing and synchronizing social networks. The company has introduced its own 18-minute daily program, which can be used to start managing social media for companies.

Social networking businesses
Social networking businesses
  • 8 minutes: study and study
    Listening to social networks means looking at them in order to find a discussion of your brand. This process helps in improving customer service as well as receiving feedback from them. It also gives you good information about your competitors, as well as new layouts for content creation. This section will be one of your daily tasks.
  • Flush to your brand or products
    Search for the hashtags and keywords related to your industry and product and follow the controversy around it. Answer all the references to your products and brands. You can use ready-made answers and automation tools in this area, but better suggestions are direct and human-friendly.
  • Tend to buy
    On social networks, look for posts and discussions that are geared towards your products and services. These discussions represent potential audiences and can be the best source for discovering new customers. In order to find these discussions, you should increase your search range and do not commit your brand to your keywords. For example, if you are an airline ticket seller, in addition to your name, you should search for words such as “Last Minute Ticket” or “Cheap Ticket”.
  • Industry news
    Follow the popular hashtags in your industry. To do this, you’ll first have to find the words and people in this section and even create a RSS feed to follow them daily.
  • 5 minutes: communicating
    Communication with the audience is a critical factor in brand success in social networks. About 90% of the audiences are looking for constructive relationships with brands and their executives, but less than 50% of them believe that companies are successful. As a result, there are still a lot of problems in this section.
    Finding a brand audience is easy if you’ve done well with listening and viewing social networks the first step. After that, you can find the target, infoline, and related content for engagement and implement the following:
    1. answering
    2. Leave and comment on related content
    3. Follow up with helpful audiences
    4. Re-post content of users

    Social networking businesses
    Social networking businesses
  • 2 minutes: analysis
    To plan a regular content streaming process, you should identify the content that has the highest returns on social networks. To do this, you can use the social networking content analytics tools that we’ll cover in the next section. An analysis of the content of social networks has its own specific sensitivity and several factors have to be taken into account. These factors can be classified into four categories:

1. Awareness: These factors represent the number of current audiences and potential audience of your brand.
2. Collaboration: Indicates how the user communicates with your brand content.
3. Conversion: These factors show how effective the content is in converting the customer to the client.
4. Customer base: The current status of your brand in the eyes of current customers.

Social networking businesses
Social networking businesses
  • 3 minutes: Schedule
    If you do not have enough time to check the daily content of social networks, automatic scheduling and management tools will work. These tools allow you to view related content in multiple channels and save you a lot of time. To schedule and schedule content publishing on various social networks, the following suggestions are suggested:
    Facebook: Publish high content and use attractive images. Sending one or two posts per day on this network is enough.
    Twitter: It is suggested to schedule tweets and create the appropriate time interval to prevent spam. Push the tweets in different formats from text, photos, video, and posting the link and check each one’s performance. If you are using other content sources, be sure to use hashtag and @ sign.
    LinkedIn: Publish more serious content on this network to target professional audiences. Use this publishing platform to publish your articles and articles to your managers.
    Instagram: Publish the visual content of the new product or services regularly and pre-release. Use all formats, including photos, videos, stories, and live video. The behind-the-scenes behind-the-scenes work of the team will also be useful in this section.
    Telegram: This social network allows you to share the products of a large number of contacts in the form of a group and channel.
  • Social network management tools
    The marketing managers of startup companies and founders can use some tools to speed up and facilitate the management of their social networks.
    Of course, digital marketing experts often argue that the use of automation tools to send posts is not a good process, but with a little personalization, these tools can also be optimized. In addition, many tools are designed to analyze, observe and declare the status of a company on social networks, which will benefit them from many companies. In the following, we will introduce some of the most famous tools in this field in the world. Of course, their internal examples are also accessible with little searching.
  1. HootSuite
    The HootSuite Service is one of the oldest and most trusted social networking management platforms. It provides services such as managing multiple social networks, monitoring the activity of users and audiences in different channels, and submitting content in a coordinated or individual way. In addition, the HootSuite Learning Service provides members with a variety of techniques for managing and analyzing channels as well.
  2. Hubspot
    This service provides one of the most powerful tools for analyzing campaigns and accurate posting of companies. Using Hubspot services, you can easily find and invest in popular posts in addition to identifying the right social network with the highest rate of audience engagement.
  3. MeetEdgar
    This tool is used to redistribute popular and popular posts. Reposing this type of content, known as Evergreen, attracts more traffic to your channels.
  4. TweetDeck
    Twitter Tool is one of the oldest Twitter account management tools. Using this website, reading Twitter feeds is also easier. The free-to-use Twitter service and its tune-up with twitter changes have made the tool more attractive to users.
  5. IFTTT
    One of the strongest and most reliable automation tools in the web is the IFTTT website. The service of this website connects many of the services and applications to one another, and can, for example, send a summary on all social networks after publishing a blog post to your company. In addition, using the service of this service and connecting it to a hashtag or an appropriate account, the discussion about the brand quickly became known.
  6. Buffer
    Buffer service is also one of the automation tools designed specifically for social networks. In addition to scheduling and releasing post automations, the service can customize the content in each network and ensure its localization to the desired network. Buffer, in addition to automation, also provides analytics tools to businesses.
  7. Sprout Social
    This service is used to analyze and monitor customer behavior as well as company profiles on social networks. With the help of Sprout’s services, automatic posting can also be made and receive feedback feeds to better shape future strategies.
  8. Google Analytics
    Google’s analytics tool, in addition to checking the traffic of websites, also has the ability to connect to social network profiles. Using this tool, you can analyze the success and impact of social networking posts, and design future strategies for high-end channels.
  9. SocialFlow
    SocialFlows algorithm analyzes user behavior and optimizes each post according to live data. This algorithm specifies the best time to post posts on social networks to maximize the attention of target audiences to content.
  10. Iconosquare
    This service is specifically designed to manage the content of Instagram. The careful analysis of this service and new features that are added to it regularly make Iconosquare one of Instagram’s main users. Some of these features include analyzing the content of various accounts as well as posting automation on the Instagram.
  11. Sprinkle
    Sprinkler is a comprehensive social networking management tool. It provides comprehensive management services, automation and analysis of all your social networks, as well as promotional campaigns implemented on each one.
  12. KnowEm
    This tool allows you to control discussions and discussions around your brand on more than 500 websites and social networks. Using the reports of this service, you can check your brand credentials on social networks and consider the answers you need to improve it.

Finally, it should be noted that the use of social networking automation tools is recommended only with strict management and content customization for each network. Of course, the content you post on Facebook and Instagram will be different from Twitter. Even if all of them publish one content, different designs should be considered for each network.

Another important point is to check the security of these tools. Many tools require a username and password for your account on the social network for better content access and management. The important thing is not to overestimate the use of these tools and carefully read the privacy rules, access levels and how they interact with each other before giving them access to each one. The best way to do this is to use only one tool that has the correct credentials.