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Increase Telegram channel member

best telegram booster service

Top Services for telegram promotion

There are so many services available throughout the world of telegram for your advancement that I think most administrators have seen or even tried all of these services but the question is, which service can really help us improve our telegram channel or Group?

What is important about the use of the services is the clarity of the description, which unfortunately I have seen honest descriptions of telegram products on a few sites, the reason for the clarity of the telegram services’ clarity is that sometimes buying the wrong one instead of advancing can lead to the retraction of the telegram channel or group.

Increase Telegram Channel & Group users
Increase Telegram Channel & Group users

Telegram administrators have the right to be fully informed of what they are purchasing so they can make the right choice We can provide fake telegram users , real telegram members , telegram vote and telegram post views services

At Sibu’s website, we first provide a completely honest explanation to the customer and in the second step we answer all your questions with a 24-hour support.

Use link link support to link :‌ Cibu Support

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increase real and target members of telegram

how to increase telegram members 

real and target

how to increase telegram members 
how to increase telegram members

increase real and target members of telegram are tow type of members that we can use to increase number of channel

increase number (real and target members of telegram) of channel can be increase credit of my channels.

for a better understanding about increase real and target members of telegram,look at the table bellow :

real :
advantages : 1-members are active     2-increase channel numbers   3-visit of channel post(no view)
disadvantages : 1-gradual exit
target :
advantages :  1-low exit      2-high visit of channel post     3-special member for Business
disadvantages : 1-expensive


The best ways of increase real and target members of telegram :

  • buy real and target telegram members from best website
  • submit your channel in the my free special application to increase Real and target telegram members

the best website to increase Real and target members of telegram is the website that you can buying members very fast, cheep and Take delivery in the short time.
the free special app allow to you that submit your channel for other members so with this way you can introduction your channel

point :

price of real and target members of telegram is different because for achieve the best member we must use both types.To get started, it’s best to start with a real first because you can earn credit at the short time and with a few cash so at the next step you can adding target member to increase activity of channel.

with target members you can achieve to good Business in social media.

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download telegram app for android

download telegram app for android

These days, telegram has become one of the most popular chat and chat apps in Iran. According to statistics, 70% of telegram app users are Iranian. Therefore, you will rarely find anyone who does not have this popular and beloved software installed on their smartphones.

There are many reasons such as high-speed chat, high-end features and … all of which have attracted this great software. If you are just about to join this great community, I recommend you don’t miss this post! 😀

” Direct Download Telegram “

Download in Google Play

Features of Telegram Android Version:
Chat and chat with your friends at super high speed
Ability to send photos, videos, videos, files, etc. up to 1GB (unlimited)
Create channels with unlimited user capacity
Create groups of 200, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000 and 10,000 people
Access to cloud storage and file storage without any time limit
Fully secure chat and chat
Send, receive and add stickers feature
Download files including photos, videos, gifs and … at high speed
Ability to define UserName and place photo on profile
The ability to forward text and media to friends and others at high speed
Minor bandwidth consumption and Internet volume
It has a variety of stickers and high emulsion emoji
Ability to send your current location map to friends or others
Completely free and without any ads
Ability to create multiple answer, quiz and general surveys
Ability to create telegram robots for specific tasks
Version 5.15.0 changes:

Of course, along with many other features, this messenger is free and you can sign up and use it at no cost. One of the good features of the telegram is the channel capability. If you create a channel and then you can share content, photos, videos or… with your audience.

Update the capability of people close to version 2
Ability to send or view animated waves (if the message contains only one character ie one wave)
Modify and redesign your profile page
Redesign the profile view of other users’ profile photos (Touch the left or right side of the profile photo to move to the previous or next photo, such as Instagram Stories)

Telegram is one of the best and most used messengers on various platforms, the new version of which has just been released for Android. This app is very similar to the Watts-Up Messenger in terms of performance but has a lot more features. With Telegram Messenger you can easily and quickly send your favorite text and images to other friends from anywhere in the world. The interesting thing that makes this messenger completely different from other messengers is sending video and video files up to 1 GB to your friends! You can simply send your videos to your friends with just a few clicks, without worrying about being sent out or uncertain due to the high volume of the video. The main English telegram messenger features make it possible to build groups and invite your friends up to 5000 people, simple and fast file uploads up to 1 GB, save files shared by your friends or groups on your phone, feature Nice and user friendly voice and ambient environment noted.

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increase Telegram members ( best method to increase members )

increase Telegram members

best method to increase members

increase Telegram members
increase Telegram members

Some time ago, Telegram added a feature called Telegram channel creation with its update, the channel is like the same page in Line, but it does not have the ability to like, comment and comment !! Anyway, it’s a great feature! It’s easy to build a channel, but not add a user to the channel! If you also want to register your channel in a place where it is visible and increase your channel members, then read the post trick of introducing the Telegram channel and increasing the number of members carefully.

In this article, we are going to introduce the compulsory purchase methods and the types that can be added to the channel as soon as you are present and Buy Telegram Members. Follow us. The forced admission is referred to as a category of recruiting of telegraphic channels, in which the member is compulsorily and unofficially added through informal telegrams. The members are completely realistic in this way, and they are added to the three conventional methods, the Silent and the Hayden channels, which briefly introduce them to you;

  • Normal
    In this method, the mandatory purchase of the members is added to the group as a normal and sound, and after the channel is added to the people, the announcement will be sent to you as a member of the channel. Depending on how the members added to channel in this method, the exit members will be high and usually we will see up to 70 percent drop.
  • Silent
    The forced typing in the Silent method is exactly the same as the Normal method , except that in this method after the member is added to the channel, unlike the usual mandatory addepration, the members can not see message from channel, and also postings Done silently.
  • Hayden
    In Hayden’s way of increasing membership, unlike ordinary compulsory admission, not only does the announcement not be sent to the channel, but the channel is also hidden for the user (user added) and the user is not informed of its presence. It is worth noting that, due to how the member is added in this way, the exit members will be very low.

Recommendation: If you plan to only increase the number of members in the channel, the best option for you is Hayden’s method.

Benefits of Compulsory members :
The low cost of buying a mandatory members
Perform orders is too fast
Channel needs Initial Validation
Possibility to compensate for loss at a low cost
Decrease the amount of loss with proper management

Disadvantages of Compulsory Pope :
members fall Highly
low seen of channel posts

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Increase Telegram members (channels and groups)

Increase Telegram members

(channels and groups)

Increase Telegram members (channels and groups)
Increase Telegram members (channels and groups)

Increasing the number of channel members and the telegram group is the main goal of any admin
Increase members = Increase advertising and revenue
In this article, Buy Fake Telegram Subscribers we intend to introduce methods for increasing the number of members of the telegram (channel and group).

Things to be addressed by channel or group manager : 

1 : Increasing the Telegram members by producing appropriate content : 
Creating the right content is the first step in attracting members into the group.This can greatly influence the rise of the Telegram members.You should not change the subject of your productive content. Try to choose the best possible theme right from the beginning.

2 : Increasing Telegram members by making public channels :
One of the main conditions for enhancing the Buy Real Telegram Subscribers is that it public Because only the public channels of the telegram are visible in the search, and the constructor can attach the desired name to the invitation link.

3 : Increasing the Telegram members with the addition of 200 primitive members to the channel :
When you are building a telegram, you can add up to 200 members of contact list to your channel’s .

4 : Increase the Telegram Members by selecting the appropriate name and link :
The name of your group and channel, if are in the minds of the members, will attract more of them

5 : Increase Telegram Members by entering the channel address below each post :
By doing this, when your posts are forwarded by other users to other users, they can also be added to your channel or group via this link.

6: Increasing telegram members by improving the appearance of posts :
Beauty in your posts = Strengthen the channel and join your group

7 : Increasing Telegram members with Link Exchange :
Publishing your channel invitation link on another Buy Telegram Post Views can certainly be one of the best ways to increase the membership of the telegram.

8 : Increasing Telegram members with ads :
This method is one of the most effective methods available to increase the membership of the telegram.
To do this, you will not be limited to advertising on other channels and telegram groups and you can also use different Internet sites.

9 : Increasing the Telegram members with the release of attractive video posts :
Publishing video posts or high quality photos on the channel is far more satisfying than long content and text content.

10 : Increasing the Telegram Members by creating a contest and awarding prizes : 

11 : Increasing Telegram members by continuously publishing posts :
Try to keep publishing channel posts up to date.

12 : Buy real Telegram member :
Another way these days is to use it to increase the number of telegram members is heavily prevalent, is the purchase of members.