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How to Create a Telegram channel [ Android – Windows – ios ]

How to Create a Telegram channel

[ Android – Windows – ios ]

How to Create a Telegram channel
How to Create a Telegram channel

Learn how to build a telegram channel in Android version :

1. First, make sure you have the latest version of the telegram installed on your Android phone

2. Then go to the Telegram settings


3. Click New Channel, as shown below.


3. At this point, write the name and description of the channel and Click on the icon.


4. On the new page you must select the type of your own channel.Private Channel is used for the private channel and Public Channel for the public channel.In the              link section, write your URL and Finally click on the tick icon.


5. On the new page, select Channel members from your audience  and Click on tick to create your channel


Learn to build a telegram channel in the Windows Telegram version :

1. First make sure you have the latest version of the telegram installed on your Windows

2. Open the Windows Telegram and click on the small icon next to the search box, as shown below


3. Click on the new channel option.Like the image below


4. The rest of the steps are exactly like Android version

Build a channel on the ios system :

1. First, click on the tab and font options in the upper right corner.


2. Then click the New Channel option in the list that you see on the page.


3. On the this page you must enter the name of your telegram channel
and then you can write optional descriptions of your channel or upload the image.


4. In this section you must select a private or public mode for your channel.


5. If you select the private option, the link will automatically be created for you
and navigate to the next step by clicking on the next option.

6.At this point, you select your channel audience from your Telegram contacts list

Note :  that you can only select 200 people at the start of your activity as your channel member.

 To build and manage the channel, consider the following points:

1. The difference between the public channel and the private is that in a general way, in public channel everyone can easily access your channel using the search bar or forwarded messages but This is not possible in the private channel, and the only way to access and subscribe to other people is by using a link,that is generated exclusively for your channel automatically

2. If your telegram channel is public, you can create your own link, otherwise, the private telegram channel link will be created by the telegram.

3. Please note that the link you enter for public channel, can be used as an ID channel with @.

4. Other users can access and connect to your channel via the link, forwarded message, the channel ID, and the search bar section.

5. The ability to change information are available from the channel settings menu:
turn public or private type
switching links
displaying the name of the person posting
deleting, adding new admins
managing admins
as well as controlling the overall activity