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Telegram Group Manager Bot – Free & Pro

Telegram Group Manager Bot 

Free & Pro

Telegram Group Manager Bot 
Telegram Group Manager Bot

Robots are good options for promoting repetitive and routine processes in the telegram environment.
Robots play an important role in group management and in facilitating the management process of teams and Using these robots will increase the efficiency of your group.

1 : Robot features at a glance :

  • You want an anti-link in your Telegram group
  • for say,Welcome new members
  • Banning the use of stickers
  • Prohibition of posting at a particular time
  • Having an assistant to manage the group
  • Lock the group automatically
  • Filter specific words in the group
  • Anti-forwards
  • Anti-replay
  • Anti-editing message
  • Language and dialects management
  • Anti-insulting
  • Blacklist words
  • Anti-link
  • Text analysis (anti-IP, anti-hashtag, anti-email)
  • Send greetings and say goodbye

2 : My groups section
You can see the groups that you are the builder or their manager in this section!

3 : Department management department
In this section you can manage your groups!

4 : Department Information Department
The creator and group managers can access this section!
In this section you can see the general information of the group!

5 : Basic group settings
Only the group’s creator can access this section!

6: Restrict manager access
If managers are restricted, managers of your group can not access the group settings.

7 : Apply Limitations for
In this section, you can set the limits (for example, anti-link) to apply. (1- all 2-all except builder 3- all except builder and managers)

8 : Administrator update
With the Administrators update button, you can update the group administrators list.

9 : Default configuration mode:
By doing this, all the settings done are set to the default, note that data such as greetings, etc. are not deleted, and only group settings return to the first by the glass button!

10 : Remove robots from the group:
By doing this, the robot will delete all of your group information, including greetings commands and word filtering rules, and all group data will be lost and the robot will automatically leave your group. This mode is when you suggest no use. You do not have a robot and you want to remove the entire robot from the group.

11 : Main group settings section
Builders and managers (if managers are not restricted) Groups can access this section!

12 : Inbound and outbound notifications
You can send greetings and farewell messages in any way you like.
You can also set the join and left messages to be automatically deleted from the group

13 : Group lock
When the lock is enabled, the robot does not allow anyone to chat and send messages to the group!

14 : Settings
The robot can handle message management when the group is locked

15 : Hours allowed to chat
Set the chat time in the group and If this section is set to ‘always’, the limit for users’ chat times will not apply!

16 : Add new member
New commute control in the group

17 : Join the group with the link
Removing people who have been added to the group with a private link if they are unauthorized

18 : Add person to group
When adding a person to the group is unauthorized, if a person adds a person to the group, the robot removes that person immediately!

19 : Add a robot to the group
When adding a robot to an unauthorized group, if a person adds a robot to the group, the original robot immediately removes the robot from the group!

20 : Anti spam
In this section, you can set what robot to do if someone sends spam to the group! You can also specify how many messages the user sends in 5 seconds to identify as spam!

21 : media
In this section you can set which types of messages are allowed to your group!

22 : Silent mode
You can put users in a silent list to be reminded to the person who sent the message in the group!

23 : Manage users in the silent list
In this section, you can see that users are in the list of silence and remove them from the list!

24 : Forward messages
In this section you can set whether forwarding a message in the group is allowed.

25 : Replayed messages
In this section you can set whether the message is allowed in the group to be allowed

26 : Edit the message
In this section you can set whether or not to edit the message in the group.

27 : Language and dialect
In this section, you can determine which languages are allowed

28 : Insults and threats
In this section, you can set user permissions to be in different languages in the group.

29 :Black List Lists
You can put words in the blacklist and the robot manages the words in the blacklist

30 : Message Hacks
In this section, you can set users to send text containing links.

31 : External links
External links mean the same links to the outside of the telegram, such as websites

32 : Internal links
The internal links are the same as channel links, groups, and more!

33 : Manage white list links
You can place links in the white list so that the robot does not pay attention to those links!

34 : Text analysis
Tons of IDs :
If the text containing the IP is illegal and someone sends the text containing the IP in the group,The robot reminds him.
Text contains hashtags :
If the text containing the hashtag is unauthorized and someone sends the text containing hashtags in the group, the bot will remind him.
The text contains the email :
If the text containing the email is illegal and someone sends the text containing the email in the group, the robot encounters it!