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Buy Telegram Fake members

Buy Telegram Fake members

Buy Telegram Fake members

What is Fake member?

fake member is registered only with virtual numbers and there is no real person.

Fake member :
1 : the member Not falling
2 : the post Not seen

Most telegram channels today use this kind of member. Most members contain identical or untitled or single-image names, and their online timing is the same, and with their online time they are the same for several weeks or even A few months ago.

A member’s lifetime is between several weeks to several months But they are very functional.

tips :
Each channel of the telegram has its own unique reputation andĀ This reputation is entirely dependent on the number of telegram members.The more channel members are, The channel is more famous

Goals of using fake member:

  • Quickly increase channel members
  • Validate the channel
  • to be cheap

fake members are made up of virtual numbersĀ And will be added to your channel.

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