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Growth of Telegram channels – Step by Step

Growth of Telegram channels

From creating to making money


Growth of Telegram channels
Growth of Telegram channels

Money making by telegram from the beginning to the end

Hello! I’m going to share my experiences about growth of Telegram channels with you in this text.

Today there are a lot of people who want to earn money by creating channels but if they don’t do this procedure correctly, they will lose money, there is no doubt. I want to share my personal experiences with you in this post, and also it doesn’t mean that if you create a channel you will earn money, because telegram’s conditions are changeable

We can make
money by telegram in two ways :

1- creating a popular channel and earn money by advertising

2- creating a shopping channel (if you owe a business or have something that you want to sell it)

creating a popular channel :

First and the most important issue: what is the channel’s tittle and subject?

Telegram is very popular, so because of his reason there are thousands of channels in it which have different subjects, and I think there aren’t any new ideas that we want to pay attention

So at least we should try to choose a subject that there are less competitors in it or if there are a lot of them, we should choose one which others don’t work professionally in it. For example joke channels are dated, and you should choose subjects which are public and all people love them, and the most important part is that there should be a few powerful channels in those subjects.

So first step is to choose a name and subject intelligently (you can do it by searching different subjects)

Channel logo :

The important issue for your channel is your channel log which has a high psychological effect on your users and attracts them, so try to give this responsibility to a designer

Channel content :

After creating the channel, the only thing that improves your channel an make your members remain in the channel is the content (by sharing your posts – of course if your posts worth to share)

Introducing the channel in websites and link finder channels :

There are a lot of channels and websites which are created for introducing other channels and you can introduce your channel in these websites for free. (you can google telegram app download channel link and see that there are a lot of sites, you can pay attention to the index, so you can see the “register your channel” part and for finding the link lists you can also search the word “telegram channel link list” and after entering send your channel to admin of those channels in the explanation part. Some of them may ask for money to do it)

Time managing of sending content in channel

Certainly you should have a schedule for posting in your channel, for example send 20 posts in specific time of the day (this is optional, you should attract users)

Copying is forbidden

Try to introduce the contents by yourself and don’t copy them from other channels.

Contacting with users

There are some channels which contact with their users and became successful. For example think about a channel (e.g. a health and medicine channel) – you have joined to two channels, one of them posts daily and the other not only posts every day but also gives an ID for asking your questions, and records a voice every day and posts it for its users in the channel. If you know that the admin pays attention to you, and he is trying to make you satisfied, you will be attracted.

Exchange with channels with same subjects

This case will help you a lot to attract your goal users (you post the banner of that channel and it posts yours)

For finding those channel google it.

creating a shopping channel :

Point: all of the things which are mentioned above should be used for shopping channels.

Things that we should use except things which are mentioned above:

1-certainly you should give customers all ways of contacting (Telegram, WhatsApp ID, phone number)

2-be available (powerful support is the most important factor for succeeding in a business)

3-take photos of your products with high quality.

4-post the reports of selling in your channel

5-post the messages of your customers which say they receive your products.

6-make the ways of paying easy (you should have an internet portal and your credit card’s number)

7-register a site for being more formalized

Buying Telegram members: an important issue in both channels

Honestly I have to say that the channel can’t be seen by itself and in my idea if you want to improve it you should buy members.

Advantages of buying members

Fast growth of the channel

To formalize the channel

To be more affordable compared with other advertising way

Increasing of sale (for shopping channels)

Disadvantages of buying members

Decreasing of members is one of the disadvantages of buying members

There are a lot of methods for increasing members and I explain about each one briefly.

First method: force add [ Telegram Real Member ]

What is the direct join method? In this method people will join to your channel so they don’t see your posts at first. Pay attention that in this method the views are low (10% to 15%) and we have high decrease in number of members, so for compensation of member decreasing, you will receive a gift. Force members are seen from 30% to 70% and you receive a gift because of that decrease.

Second method: fake telegram users

This type is used only to raise the number of channels

Third method: Target member [ Only For Group ]

What are real and offline members? In fact they are members who join to your channel because of a point. In this method visits and member reduction are low.

Forth method: Telegram channels Post

What are notification advertisement? In this method advertising messages are sent on cellphones by android Apps which leads members to your channel by a click on them.

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Good Luck …