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real and fake member

Detect facial members in the channel and telegram group

real and fake member

real and fake memberhigh member real and fake member the channel enough credit.

I must say that telegram channel  managers of fake members and real member do a lot of work.

there are ways to increase the subscribers of the telegram.this way can be liked or increased members in channel of the telegram.

fake and real members of channel :

fake members of the channel can not increase the view.( buy telegram users )

you can increase the like telegram improve the number of channel member.

fake members of the channel can not increase the view.

because we can with the compensation for the number of fake increase the number of actual views.

fake members do not have a role in displaying the channel  for members.

visit for post in the channel telegram the most important factor to identify the members of channel. fake members

the higher the number of posts a post is it can be said that the member of the channel  are real and fake

you can post a few days put on your channel if there were a few eyes we can say that members  of the channel  are real. fake members

There are some channels, we see that within one or real member two days the number of its members has increased by a thousand. For real member  this reason, it can not be said that members of such a channel are real.

If a channel was able to reach a maximum of one-third of its channel members within a few hours, it could be concluded that the channel members are real. real member

consider the history of each article :

If the number of hits is high, but the date is about the past few days, it means that the owner of real member  the channel has increased the number of hits to get others to work and a trick to them With the above method, you can easily see if the members of the channels are real or not. real member

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