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buy real telegram group members


Buy real telegram group members


Buy real telegram group members is one of the most common factors in this social program that has many fans. So, people can have conversations with each other in the form of text, audio and video in the one group and exchange information with each other. The Telegram group is created by a Telegram user. And, has the ability to have 200,000 members.

Therefore, The group is managed by the admin and the topic discussed by the admin is always under control.

Methods of Buy real telegram group members:

Forced ad : In this method, members enter your group and this method is done using unofficial telegrams. After joining their group, members decide to stay in the group or leave. So, These members are completely real and have very real specifications and use Telegram. These members are active.
The rate of separation of these members is between 30 and 70 percent and the rate of activity of the remaining members in the group is between 5 and 10 percent.

Note: The amount of separation and activity of new members added to the group depends on the attractiveness of the group and how it is managed. The stronger its appeal and management, the more durable and active its members will be.

Maintaining new members in the group:

You keep new members in the group. Therefore, you need to strengthen the management of the group. After that, To strengthen group management, do the following:

  • Welcome new members
  • Keep the group environment active by proposing new topics
  • Talk polite in the group
  • The goals of the group are clear
  • Manage group discussion
  • Hold the competition in the group

note :

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Are the new members real?
Yes, all new members of Kama are real. So, they have real names and profiles.

How do members work?
Members are active between 3 and 10 percent. Of course, this activity depends on the quality and management of your group.

How do people leave the group?
Getting people out depends on two factors. First, the quality of the group. Second, the management of the Telegram group


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