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Offline members for telegram channel – buy fake telegram members

Offline members for telegram channel

buy fake telegram members

buy fake telegram members

Buy Offile Members
Channel Username :
Email :


variety of members:

  1. Optional (pop-up)
  2. Forced
  3. Offline
  4. fake
  5. Semi active

From the options mentioned here, we are going to discuss the offline channel-related issue; follow us with you.

Offline is part of a member who, in recruiting through this method, members added through the channel are all offline and out of reach and can not function. This type of member is called a fake . The notable thing about an offline member is that, as its name suggests, this kind of member has no effect on the number of post visits and is used only to raise the profile of channel members. In this method logging off and the way out members are such that after a few weeks time will be deleted one by one.

Advantages :

  • Lack of initial loss
  • Raise the number of members for channels of which quantity is important
  • The price is right


  • Inactive members
  • posts have not view
  • Falling suddenly after an unspecified time
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