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increase Telegram members ( best method to increase members )

increase Telegram members

best method to increase members

increase Telegram members
increase Telegram members

Some time ago, Telegram added a feature called Telegram channel creation with its update, the channel is like the same page in Line, but it does not have the ability to like, comment and comment !! Anyway, it’s a great feature! It’s easy to build a channel, but not add a user to the channel! If you also want to register your channel in a place where it is visible and increase your channel members, then read the post trick of introducing the Telegram channel and increasing the number of members carefully.

In this article, we are going to introduce the compulsory purchase methods and the types that can be added to the channel as soon as you are present and Buy Telegram Members. Follow us. The forced admission is referred to as a category of recruiting of telegraphic channels, in which the member is compulsorily and unofficially added through informal telegrams. The members are completely realistic in this way, and they are added to the three conventional methods, the Silent and the Hayden channels, which briefly introduce them to you;

  • Normal
    In this method, the mandatory purchase of the members is added to the group as a normal and sound, and after the channel is added to the people, the announcement will be sent to you as a member of the channel. Depending on how the members added to channel in this method, the exit members will be high and usually we will see up to 70 percent drop.
  • Silent
    The forced typing in the Silent method is exactly the same as the Normal method , except that in this method after the member is added to the channel, unlike the usual mandatory addepration, the members can not see message from channel, and also postings Done silently.
  • Hayden
    In Hayden’s way of increasing membership, unlike ordinary compulsory admission, not only does the announcement not be sent to the channel, but the channel is also hidden for the user (user added) and the user is not informed of its presence. It is worth noting that, due to how the member is added in this way, the exit members will be very low.

Recommendation: If you plan to only increase the number of members in the channel, the best option for you is Hayden’s method.

Benefits of Compulsory members :
The low cost of buying a mandatory members
Perform orders is too fast
Channel needs Initial Validation
Possibility to compensate for loss at a low cost
Decrease the amount of loss with proper management

Disadvantages of Compulsory Pope :
members fall Highly
low seen of channel posts

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