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Download anti-filter telegram

Telegram is a social messenger that has over 300 million active users and is used in many countries around the world. Telegram is a program for free to connect different people to each other.The telegram is popular amongst telegram users due to its simple and free communication and has attracted a large audience.

The important thing about the telegram is that it is filtered by governments and makes it difficult for telegram users to access it.

The CAJI programming team has been able to code the anti-filter telegram so users can access the telegram without the need for proxies and VPNs .

Direct Download Anti-Blocking Telegram

” Download From PlayStore


The Anti-Filter Telegram is an unofficial telegram coded on the API of the original telegram and its security is exactly the same as that of the original telegram.The anti-filter telegram has some similarities and differences to the main telegram that I will describe below.

similarities :

  1. The anti-filter telegram security is exactly the same as the original telegram
    2. All services in the main telegram are also included in the anti-filter telegram

The differences :

1-The most important difference between the anti-filter telegram and the main telegram is that it is an anti-filter program, which is enabled by many proxies.

New Anti-Filter Telegram Features:

Chat category (tab)
Advanced Forward
Hide chats
 Added new smart proxy servers
Added specific contacts
Adding new options to contacts changes
 Added drawing on chat page
 Optimizing the beautiful
 Added ID Finder
 Added Instant Forward Button and Profile Cloud Button
 Added pre-sticker and gif confirmation capability
 Added file manager
 Added night mode and optimized account shutdown
 Beautification (just long touch on emoticons icon)
Recent contacts changes (including photo names, etc.)
Instant Forward Key and Instant Save in profile in all chats
High-speed proxies
High speed compared to other apps

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