Complete Explanation – Add members methods

Complete Explanation –¬†Add members methods

How real members are added?
In this method people are invited to your channel by our system. At the beginning you can’t see any views on your posts ( people don’t know that they are invited) they understand their membership after finishing the procedure and posting.
In this method 60% of members left the channel. To compensate for the reduction in the members of numbers we always add members to your channel more than the members you have bought.
Telegram has become widespread in Asia, so lots of members might be from Asia (you will have more international member numbers in the future.)

How is a virtual mob added ?
In this method virtual accounts are added to your channel which is factitious in order to increase your members, and these members aren’t active in your channel.

How is the target group member added ?
How a purposeful member is added? We can invite members of each groups to other groups by using our system. In this method you introduce a source and a goal group to us. We add members of the source group to the goal group, or you can tell us about your subject (like virtual currency groups) . We have all groups and add people to these groups randomly.