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🔴 Important: To fine tune the lunar date, you can apply the Settings section of the Islamic Calendar Setting section to set the lunar date.

A few more calendars are a new program from the Studio LimoDesign Studio for users of iPhone and Android devices. Featuring, it allows for Persian-language users to view all calendar events in a beautiful view and to do their daily, weekly, and monthly scheduling. Featuring a wide range of features for its users, including the Hijri Shams, Lunar Calendar, and Gregorian calendar, along with all their daily events. In addition, many calendars should be considered as a comprehensive religious toolbox that accurately illustrates the urban times of hundreds of different domestic and foreign cities.

✅ Show more than 1,300 domestic cities and more than 500 foreign cities
✅ Automatic city selection based on geographic location

How many can show religious prayers to fit their place of residence. Another popular feature is the ability to broadcast the adhan as well as displaying its text. In addition, a few calendars can display Qibla direction in any location and inform you about different occasions of the calendar on different days.

🔴 Application Tools:
Enhanced and accurate air conditioner
kiblah Finder
Birthday finder
Calculate the age
Date converter
Shut down finder
+ 16 other professional tools included in the program will be added soon and 4 tools will be added every week

✅ Playing Adhan and Adhan Text:
Many Azan Calendar lets you personalize your Ajaan section with superior tastes and a strong database of adhans.

✅ Qiblah and the Qiblah display
The Mysticism is a very useful tool, which we always need on trips and parties, so we can find Qiblah for prayer.

✅ convert Shamsi, AD and Lunar to each other:
The date converter is also a very user-friendly tool that we tried to give all of these to the users in one program.

✅ Show Sharia Times, Date and Occasions:
On the calendar, you can see the religious dates, dates, and suites, and set a reminder for each occasion

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