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Buy Instagram Followers

Buy Instagram Followers

Buy Instagram Followers & Instagram management to get followers & How to get followers on Instagram fast

These days, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world, especially in Iran. So, With the filtering of Telegram, Instagram has become more popular, which is why it is the best place for advertising, marketing, branding and launching a new business wherever there is a large audience. In this article, we introduced 15 guaranteed ways to increase Instagram followers.

As you know, the value of any business on Instagram depends on the number of followers. So, followers on Instagram are very valuable. So, Our goal in this article is real members who are interested in cartoon business to help you succeed in your business by using Instagram.

Buy Instagram Followers

Buying a real follower is the best way to increase your real Instagram followers And Increase your real like. Because, with this method you can achieve the following:

Firstly, get many followers in a short time
Secondly, you choose the type of followers
Third, the number of followers depends on your intimacy
Then, you can attract more followers at no cost
Finally, you can use these followers to earn money

How to get followers on Instagram fast(Buy Instagram Followers)

In the following, we will explain a series of tips and tricks that by observing them on Instagram, you can easily see a significant increase in your real followers and enjoy having many page followers that you have.

Generate good content

For example, you are a salesman, a tourist or a photographer. It does not matter, in order to increase the number of your followers on Instagram, you must first produce good content.
What kind of content is good content? It means that when I come to your page, I enjoy seeing your content so much that I finally follow you. The content of your page is the information you want to convey to your followers.

Have targeted content

What posts do you want to publish; Art, products, photos of your daily life, your poems or you plan to publish pictures for your business or business. So here is the first step in determining your goal.

Make the content more specialized

Your page should be useful and useful for the user to follow it. If your Instagram page is a work page, it should be based on your expertise.
To increase your followers on Instagram, you need to show yourself as an expert so that people trust your page. After that, being an expert requires that your information in the field of your specialty be very high and try to always keep your information up to date. This is true of all businesses. Car repairs, photography or modeling.
All you have to do is identify the needs of different people and put their answers on your page. In fact, the more specialized your page, the more they will introduce you to each other.

Have a personal style

Note that in order to increase followers on Instagram, you must have attractive content so that the user can feel your difference and superiority, but attractive content on Instagram is too much. So in this hustle and bustle you have to try to be different.
Find a personal style for presenting your content, a style that belongs solely to you and is not found on any other page.
This personal style can be the use of a particular color, your own words, specific photos or how you talk to your followers. This personal style is also very influential in your branding and shapes the identity of your page.

Make your profile attractive(Buy Instagram Followers)

Your Instagram profile is just like a shop window, and if your shop window was not attractive, you would run away from customers.
Instagram is an image-based social network, and these are the images that play the first and last role on Instagram.

Quality photos

Photos that are posted on Instagram without attention will not have a large audience and people will easily pass them; Even if you upload them with the aim of introducing your brand.
So, it is better to use prominent colors in your images and take photos that make the eyes stare at themselves. By doing this, you have definitely taken a big and positive step towards increasing your Instagram followers.

Consider a specific theme for the images

It has been proven that monochrome images or those that have a fixed color pattern, draw the most attention to themselves on Instagram.
This is because when people are surfing their own timeline, images with a fixed theme usually draw their attention to themselves, and they immediately recognize the brand associated with it when they see it.

Do not forget the video

An important feature on Instagram is the 1-minute videos that give you the opportunity to convey what you want to others in 60 seconds. So, posting a video on your profile will help make your Instagram profile look live and not just silent photos.

Improve working class and order on the page

Create a special logo for your page and put it for your profile picture. By doing this, you give credibility to the page and people will notice it by observing it.
Choosing the right name, ID, URL and Bio for the page also has a big impact on your Instagram business class و and you should pay attention to it.
In addition to these topics, it is recommended that you use your own images in the posts and go less to the photos published on the Internet.

Use image editors

Try to use image editors in your photos, but do not forget the simplicity of using image editors. Note that in editing, the images should not be exaggerated and manipulated in a way that is very different from the original in the real world. Instead, use filters and editing tools to highlight the best features of your photos. Let the colors express themselves. Enhance the lighting and give the photo cool or warm colors depending on the brand you have.

Use hashtags

Hashtags play an important role in making your posts more visible on Instagram. So, using hashtags correctly can help your business grow on Instagram. Also, Recently, Instagram has added the ability to follow hashtags to its application, and there are many people who follow their favorite hashtags. This has made hashtags more popular on Instagram, and the continued use of hashtags in posting will increase your Instagram follower page.

Types of hashtags

There are certain types of hashtags that you should know more about. Each type is used for a specific purpose. Choosing the right hashtags can increase your Instagram followers, so you should pay attention to it.

Industrial tags

It is considered a high level tag. You need to use these hashtags to reach people who are looking for specific brands, services or products. For example, #restaurant, #digital Instagram marketing.

Precise tags

Some people know exactly what products they are looking for. For example, someone may be looking to buy a refrigerator, so using a hashtag like #refrigerator is probably one of the options for this person.

Brand tags

Firstly, tags that use famous brands usually bear the name of one of the most famous companies in the world. So, This brand can be related to a product, clothing or even a specific service.

Tags related to forums

If the post you posted on your page is related to a specific job area, use the hashtags related to it. Using hashtags related to sport teams can also attract a lot of people. For example, using #Persepolis or #Isteqlal can help you attract the audience.

Location tags

So, The use of such tags itself can attract attention or attract the opinions of people around you.

Tags for important events

You may be hosting an event or an important event is happening around you. So, You can express your opinions on this in the form of a post and use the hashtags related to the event.

Write attractive captions

Write your caption in a way that can grab the audience’s attention, make it easy to read, and encourage the audience to interact. So, To do this, you must first look at the content of your post and write about it.

Firstly, Write concisely and usefully
Secondly, Usability
Then, Ask questions
Then, Tell a story
Finally, Follow the principles of the platform

Continue to post

Post at least one post a day and try to focus on one topic at a time. So, know that Instagram has the most active users on any platform; Users who check this application hour by hour.

By being active in posting, not only did you show your brand alive and dynamic, but it is also possible that Instagram itself will see your efforts and promote your posts. For example, well-visited posts are automatically displayed in the Explore section, so never give up.

Instagram management to get followers

The next items are related to Instagram management. Therefore, by following these management tips, you can attract real followers.

Publish the post according to the schedule

Like all other social networks, time on Instagram is very important. People see your posts when they are watching other people’s posts. This time depends on what your audience is from. For example, if you own a restaurant, the best time to post is lunchtime and an hour or two before dinner so that you can attract people looking for a restaurant to eat through the right hashtag. In general, look for a time when you feel you will get more feedback. Also, It may not be a bad idea to try 2-3 hours a day to find this ideal time. Following up on this can certainly lead to an increase in your Instagram followers.

Use Instagram story

Every day, nearly 100 million active users in the world use Instagram stories. So, Using the Instagram story, your content will be more visible. Because the stories are displayed at the top of the user feed and the chances of them being seen by the followers are higher. Also, If only 10% of a user’s followers publish their story, you will have a better chance of being seen. So, This means that on Instagram, you need to regularly update your story to stay in the forefront of the feed. In addition, the social networking algorithm is designed to make posts more visible to active users.

Convert account to business type(Buy Instagram Followers)

If you change your account to a business type, Instagram will provide you with many possibilities for better account management. In Instagram business accounts, you can monitor the activities of your followers and manage your page accordingly. So, You can use the information provided to your page through your business account to attract more followers. For example, in a business account, you can be informed about the posts saved by your followers, and through this, publish your next posts according to this information in order to attract the attention of the majority of people.

Being social

Instagram is not a good place for long conversations, but it is very important to socialize with your audience and listen to their opinions. When people post comments or ask questions, they expect you to respond and respond, but with a concise and helpful answer. For example, if someone writes a comment under one of your posts, “It’s beautiful,” you can respond to their comments by saying “thank you.” But, if you need a longer answer, be sure to respond in some way. So, Be Always social and show that you care about the audience of the posts.

Keep in touch with your domain pages

One of the most useful things you can do in your Instagram activities is interacted and connect with pages in your area. Also, If you are active on Instagram, you do not need to search to find pages in your area. Because you deal with them naturally. Just connect with them.

Try to follow the pages of your field and follow their activities on Instagram. Get in touch with them directly and try to exchange with them from time to time. Sharing with your domain pages will increase your Instagram followers and also bring the most targeted people to your business.

Use the influence of other social networks(Buy Instagram Followers)

One way to increase your Instagram followers is to use other tools you have. For example, other social networks. For example, if you are active on LinkedIn, be sure to use the position you have on LinkedIn to increase your Instagram followers.

When completing your social media profile, be sure to include your Instagram address. So, Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter are social networks that you can use to increase the followers of your Instagram page.

At the end of the audio files or videos that you publish, be sure to mention that you will be followed on Instagram. In many cases, if you provide good content, the audience will be interested in following your work. Audio files or videos get more attention.

Redirect contacts to your website(Buy Instagram Followers)

So, The website is exactly where people can get to know you more privately and get more information about the business you are offering. In fact, if you can get people to your website, you can build a stronger connection between your audience and your business. So, It is not possible to add links to Instagram posts. But you can put your website link in the bio section of your profile and ask your followers to click on it.

To increase your Instagram followers, try to persuade people to get click on your pages. So, use different methods to see which one persuaded more people to click on the link you placed. After then, To encourage people, you can give them the good news that if you click on the link you put. Finally, it is possible to download a free application or you may win an out-of-competition contest.


Buy Instagram Followers

Buying a real follower is the best way to increase your real Instagram followers And Increase your real like

How to get followers on Instagram fast

In the following, we will explain a series of tips and tricks that by observing them on Instagram, you can easily see a significant increase in your real followers and enjoy having many page followers that you have.

Instagram management to get followers

The next items are related to Instagram management. Therefore, by following these management tips, you can attract real followers.

Buy Instagram Like

You can check to buy cheap and real Instagram likes.

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Buy Telegram Channel Members

Buy Telegram Channel Members

we will teach you how to do it with 5 simple and very simple steps that most people may know but don’t pay attention to because of its simplicity. Telegram channel members can reach thousands upon thousands in 7 to 10 days. He reached out and started earning money.

Well, to increase your real Telegram membership, you must first be patient and do all the training we give to succeed.

Take the basics very seriously

It is very important that the profile of your Telegram channel is completely exclusive and beautiful, and that you write good explanations for your channel and specify your goals from this channel.

If your goal is to make money from Telegram, you need to come up with a great idea and don’t rush the channel.

Finally, write the address of your Telegram channel short, beautiful and relevant.

Start with your friends

As you know, it’s harder to get started when you don’t have a member, because when a visitor sees your channel and realizes that you have a low number of members, it quickly exits the channel, so it’s best to start with all your friends.

To start, check the number of very few members

There are various ways to create a member, such as Telegram channel membership exchange software. To get started, you can add 500 Telegram fake members to your channel (we mean exchange), but don’t do more than that.

Build a blog and tap your link!

To better understand what I mean, let me give you an example. Suppose your channel is to buy a Telegram member.

So now go to a site builder like Roseblog or Blog Builders like Blogfa, create a blog and after making it write a Rajab post on your channel,

For example, put the title: Telegram channel membership channel membership link, then explain a few lines of your channel Rajab and put your channel link.

However, if someone searches on Google, the Telegram member shopping channel, you may be part of the results (depending on the difficulty of the word and many other criteria).

Use Telegram channel introduction sites

Another way to increase real Telegram membership

Of course, if you don’t have the patience to build a web, There is a better way in front of you,

Just search on Google, introduce the Telegram channel, in general, the best sites in this field are My Channels, Telegram Channels, Come 2 Channels, and T-Channels, which you can still benefit from if you search.

Social networks are a great way to increase Real Members

You need to advertise properly on the virtual network so that you can do the process of increasing Telegram membership in a great way.

For example, if your channel is a photo of animals, all you have to do is search for it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Facebook, etc. # Photos_of_animals Be.

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Unduh telegram anti-‌Blocking

Telegram adalah messenger sosial yang memiliki lebih dari 300 juta pengguna aktif dan digunakan di banyak negara di dunia.
Telegram adalah program gratis untuk menghubungkan orang-orang yang berbeda satu sama lain. Telegram populer di kalangan pengguna telegram karena komunikasinya yang sederhana dan gratis dan telah menarik banyak pendengar.

Hal penting tentang telegram adalah bahwa ia disaring oleh pemerintah dan menyulitkan pengguna telegram untuk mengaksesnya.
Tim pemrograman CAJI telah mampu membuat kode telegram anti-filter sehingga pengguna dapat mengakses telegram tanpa perlu proxy dan VPN.

Direct Download Anti-Blocking Telegram

” Download From PlayStore


Telegram Anti-Filter adalah telegram tidak resmi yang dikodekan pada API dari telegram asli dan keamanannya persis sama dengan telegram asli. Telegram anti-filter memiliki beberapa persamaan dan perbedaan dengan telegram utama yang akan saya jelaskan di bawah ini. .

kesamaan :

  1. Keamanan telegram anti-filter persis sama dengan telegram asli
  2. Semua layanan dalam telegram utama juga termasuk dalam telegram anti-filter


  1-Perbedaan utama antara telegram anti-filter dan telegram utama adalah bahwa ia adalah program anti-filter, yang diaktifkan oleh banyak proksi.

Fitur Telegram Anti-Filter Baru:

  • Kategori obrolan (tab)
  •   Maju Maju
  •   Sembunyikan obrolan
  •    Menambahkan server proxy cerdas baru
  •   Menambahkan kontak spesifik
  •   Menambahkan opsi baru ke perubahan kontak
  •    Menambahkan gambar di halaman obrolan
  •    Mengoptimalkan yang indah
  •    Menambahkan ID Finder
  •    Menambahkan Tombol Maju Instan dan Tombol Awan Profil
  •    Menambahkan kemampuan pra-stiker dan konfirmasi gif
  •    Manajer file ditambahkan
  •    Menambahkan mode malam dan penutupan akun yang dioptimalkan
  •    Keindahan (hanya sentuhan panjang pada ikon emotikon)
  •   Perubahan kontak terkini (termasuk nama foto, dll.)
  •   Instant Forward Key dan Instant Save in profil di semua obrolan
  •   Proxy berkecepatan tinggi
  •   Kecepatan tinggi dibandingkan dengan aplikasi lain
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Muat turun telegram anti-penapis

Telegram adalah utusan sosial yang mempunyai lebih dari 300 juta pengguna aktif dan digunakan di banyak negara di seluruh dunia. Telegram adalah satu program yang bebas untuk menyambung orang yang berbeza antara satu sama lain. Telegram adalah popular di kalangan pengguna telegram kerana komunikasi mudah dan bebas dan telah menarik penonton yang besar.

Perkara penting mengenai telegram adalah bahawa ia ditapis oleh kerajaan dan menjadikannya sukar bagi pengguna telegram untuk mengaksesnya.

Pasukan pengaturcaraan CAJI telah dapat kod telegram anti-penapis supaya pengguna dapat mengakses telegram tanpa memerlukan proksi dan VPN.

Direct Download Anti-Blocking Telegram

” Download From PlayStore


Telegram Anti-Penapis adalah telegram tidak rasmi yang dikodkan pada API telegram asal dan keselamatannya sama persis dengan telegram asal. Telegram anti-penapis mempunyai beberapa persamaan dan perbezaan kepada telegram utama yang akan saya huraikan di bawah .


Keselamatan telegram anti-penapis adalah sama seperti telegram asal
2. Semua perkhidmatan dalam telegram utama juga termasuk dalam telegram anti-penapis


  1-Perbezaan paling penting antara telegram anti-penapis dan telegram utama adalah bahawa ia adalah program anti-penapis, yang didayakan oleh banyak proksi

Ciri-ciri Telegram Anti-Penapis Baru:

Kategori sembang (tab)
  Maju Teruskan
  Sembunyikan perbualan
   Menambah pelayan proksi pintar baru
  Menambah kenalan tertentu
  Menambah pilihan baru untuk perubahan kenalan
   Menambah lukisan di halaman sembang
   Mengoptimumkan yang cantik
   Pencari ID Ditambah
   Butang Teruskan Segera Dihantar dan Butang Cloud Profil
   Menambah keupayaan pengesahan pra-pelekat dan gif
   Pengurus fail Ditambah
   Menambah mod malam dan penutupan akaun yang dioptimumkan
   Pengindahan (hanya sentuhan lama pada ikon emotikon)
  Perubahan kenalan terkini (termasuk nama foto, dan lain-lain)
  Kunci Terus Segera dan Segera Simpan dalam profil dalam semua berbual
  Proksi berkelajuan tinggi
  Berkelajuan tinggi berbanding dengan aplikasi lain

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اینٹی فلٹر ٹیلیگرام ڈاؤن لوڈ کریں

ٹیلیگرام ایک ایسا سماجی میسنجر ہے جس کے 300 ملین سے زیادہ فعال صارف ہیں اور یہ دنیا کے بہت سے ممالک میں استعمال ہوتا ہے۔ ٹیلیگرام ایک ایسا پروگرام ہے جو مختلف لوگوں کو ایک دوسرے سے مربوط کرنے کے لئے مفت پروگرام ہے۔ ٹیلیگرام صارفین کے درمیان اس کی آسان اور آزادانہ رابطے کی وجہ سے مقبول ہے اور اس نے بڑی تعداد میں سامعین کو راغب کیا ہے۔

ٹیلیگرام کے بارے میں اہم بات یہ ہے کہ اسے حکومتیں فلٹر کرتی ہیں اور ٹیلیگرام صارفین کے لئے اس تک رسائی مشکل بناتی ہے۔

CAJI پروگرامنگ ٹیم اینٹی فلٹر ٹیلیگرام کوڈ کرنے میں کامیاب رہی ہے تاکہ صارف پراکسی اور وی پی این کی ضرورت کے بغیر ٹیلیگرام تک رسائی حاصل کرسکیں۔

Direct Download Anti-Blocking Telegram

” Download From PlayStore

اینٹی فلٹر ٹیلیگرام:

اینٹی فلٹر ٹیلیگرام ایک غیر سرکاری ٹیلیگرام ہے جس نے اصل ٹیلیگرام کے API پر کوڈڈ کیا ہے اور اس کی حفاظت بالکل اسی طرح کی ہے جیسے اصل ٹیلیگرام کی طرح ہے۔ اینٹی فلٹر ٹیلیگرام مین ٹیلیگرام سے کچھ مماثلت اور اختلافات رکھتا ہے جسے میں ذیل میں بیان کروں گا۔ .

اینٹی فلٹر ٹیلیگرام سیکیورٹی اصل ٹیلیگرام جیسی ہی ہے
مرکزی ٹیلیگرام میں موجود تمام خدمات اینٹی فلٹر ٹیلیگرام میں بھی شامل ہیں


اینٹی فلٹر ٹیلیگرام اور مرکزی ٹیلی گرام کے درمیان سب سے اہم فرق یہ ہے کہ یہ ایک اینٹی فلٹر پروگرام ہے ، جو بہت سے پراکسیوں کے ذریعہ فعال ہوتا ہے۔

نئی اینٹی فلٹر ٹیلیگرام خصوصیات:

چیٹ زمرہ (ٹیب)
  ایڈوانسڈ فارورڈ
  چیٹس چھپائیں
   نئے اسمارٹ پراکسی سرورز شامل کیے گئے
  مخصوص رابطے شامل کیے گئے
  رابطوں کی تبدیلیوں میں نئے اختیارات شامل کرنا
   چیٹ پیج پر ڈرائنگ شامل کی گئ
   خوبصورت کو بہتر بنانا
   شامل ID تلاش کنندہ
   انسٹنٹ فارورڈ بٹن اور پروفائل کلاؤڈ بٹن شامل کیا گیا
   پری اسٹیکر اور GIF تصدیق کی صلاحیت شامل کی گئی
   شامل کر دیا فائل مینیجر
   نائٹ موڈ اور مرضی کے مطابق اکاؤنٹ بند
   خوبصورتی (جذباتی نشان پر صرف لمبا لمس رابطے)
  حالیہ رابطوں میں تبدیلیاں (بشمول تصویر کے نام وغیرہ)
  انسٹنٹ فارورڈ کلید اور انسٹنٹ کو تمام چیٹس میں پروفائل میں محفوظ کریں
  تیز رفتار پراکسی
  دیگر ایپس کے مقابلے میں تیز رفتار

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Telegram是一个社交信使,拥有超过3亿活跃用户,并在全球许多国家/地区使用。 电报是一个免费的程序,可以将不同的人彼此联系起来。电报由于其简单,免费的通信方式而在电报用户中很受欢迎,并吸引了大批观众。电报的重要之处在于,它已被政府过滤,使电报用户难以访问它。CAJI编程团队已经能够对反过滤器电报进行编码,以便用户无需代理和VPN即可访问电报。


反过滤电报是在原始电报的API上编码的非官方电报,其安全性与原始电报的安全性完全相同。反过滤电报与我将在下面描述的主要电报有一些异同 。

Direct Download Anti-Blocking Telegram

” Download From PlayStore







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Скачать антиграммную телеграмму

Telegram – это социальный мессенджер, который имеет более 300 миллионов активных пользователей и используется во многих странах мира. Telegram – это программа, позволяющая бесплатно соединять разных людей друг с другом. Telegram пользуется популярностью среди пользователей telegram благодаря простому и бесплатному общению и привлекает большую аудиторию.

Direct Download Anti-Blocking Telegram

” Download From PlayStore

Телеграмма – это социальный мессенджер, который имеет более 300 миллионов активных пользователей и используется во многих странах мира. Telegram – это программа, позволяющая бесплатно соединять друг друга. Telegram пользуется популярностью среди пользователей telegram благодаря простому и бесплатному общению и привлечению большой аудитории.

Команда разработчиков CAJI смогла закодировать телеграмму анти-фильтра, чтобы пользователи могли получить доступ к телеграмме без использования прокси-серверов и VPN.


Телеграмма анти-фильтра является неофициальной телеграммой, закодированной в API исходной телеграммы, и ее безопасность точно такая же, как и у исходной телеграммы. Телеграмма анти-фильтра имеет некоторые сходства и различия с основной телеграммой, которую я опишу ниже ,


  1. Безопасность анти-фильтра телеграммы точно такая же, как и у исходной телеграммы
  2. Все услуги в основной телеграмме также включены в телеграмму анти-фильтра.

Различия :

Самое важное различие между телеграммой анти-фильтра и основной телеграммой заключается в том, что это программа анти-фильтра, которая включена многими прокси-серверами.

Новые функции Anti-Filter Telegram:

Категория чата (вкладка)
  Продвинутый Форвард
  Скрыть чаты
   Добавлены новые умные прокси-серверы
  Добавлены конкретные контакты
  Добавление новых опций к изменениям контактов
   Добавлен рисунок на странице чата
   Оптимизация прекрасного
   Добавлен ID Finder
   Добавлены кнопка мгновенной перемотки вперед и кнопка «Облако профиля»
   Добавлена возможность предварительного стикера и подтверждения GIF
   Добавлен файловый менеджер
   Добавлен ночной режим и оптимизировано отключение аккаунта
   Украшение (просто долгое прикосновение к иконке смайликов)
  Последние изменения контактов (включая имена фотографий и т. Д.)
  Ключ мгновенной перемотки и мгновенное сохранение в профиле во всех чатах
  Высокоскоростные прокси
  Высокая скорость по сравнению с другими приложениями

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안티 필터 텔레 그램 다운로드

텔레 그램은 3 억 명 이상의 사용자가 활동하는 소셜 메신저이며 전 세계 여러 국가에서 사용됩니다. 전보는 다른 사람들을 서로 무료로 연결할 수있는 프로그램으로, 전보는 단순하고 자유로운 의사 소통으로 전보 사용자에게 인기가 있으며 많은 사람들을 끌어 모았습니다.

전보의 중요한 점은 정부에서 필터링하여 전보 사용자가 액세스하기 어렵게한다는 것입니다.

CAJI 프로그래밍 팀은 안티 필터 텔레 그램을 코딩 할 수 있으므로 사용자는 프록시 및 VPN없이 텔레 그램에 액세스 할 수 있습니다.

Direct Download Anti-Blocking Telegram

” Download From PlayStore

안티 필터 텔레 그람 :

안티 필터 텔레 그램은 원래 텔레 그램의 API로 코딩 된 비공식 텔레 그램이며 보안은 원래 텔레 그램의 보안과 동일합니다. 안티 필터 텔레 그램은 아래에 설명 할 기본 텔레 그램과 약간의 유사점과 차이점이 있습니다. .

유사점 :

  1. 안티 필터 전보 보안은 원래 전보와 정확히 동일합니다.
  2. 주요 전보의 모든 서비스는 안티 필터 전보에도 포함됩니다.

차이점들 :

1-안티 필터 텔레 그램과 메인 텔레 그램의 가장 중요한 차이점은 안티 프록시 프로그램으로 여러 프록시에서 사용할 수 있다는 것입니다.

새로운 안티 필터 텔레 그램 기능 :

채팅 카테고리 (탭)
  고급 전달
  채팅 숨기기
   새로운 스마트 프록시 서버 추가
  특정 연락처 추가
  연락처 변경 사항에 새 옵션 추가
   채팅 페이지에 그림 추가
   아름다운 최적화
   ID 파인더 추가
   인스턴트 포워드 버튼 및 프로파일 클라우드 버튼 추가
   프리 스티커 및 GIF 확인 기능 추가
   파일 관리자 추가
   야간 모드 추가 및 계정 종료 최적화
   미화 (이모티콘 아이콘을 길게 터치)
  최근 연락처 변경 (사진 이름 등)
  모든 채팅에서 즉시 전달 키 및 즉시 프로필 저장
  고속 프록시
  다른 앱에 비해 빠른 속도

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Download anti-filter telegram

Telegram is a social messenger that has over 300 million active users and is used in many countries around the world. Telegram is a program for free to connect different people to each other.The telegram is popular amongst telegram users due to its simple and free communication and has attracted a large audience.

The important thing about the telegram is that it is filtered by governments and makes it difficult for telegram users to access it.

The CAJI programming team has been able to code the anti-filter telegram so users can access the telegram without the need for proxies and VPNs .

Direct Download Anti-Blocking Telegram

” Download From PlayStore


The Anti-Filter Telegram is an unofficial telegram coded on the API of the original telegram and its security is exactly the same as that of the original telegram.The anti-filter telegram has some similarities and differences to the main telegram that I will describe below.

similarities :

  1. The anti-filter telegram security is exactly the same as the original telegram
    2. All services in the main telegram are also included in the anti-filter telegram

The differences :

1-The most important difference between the anti-filter telegram and the main telegram is that it is an anti-filter program, which is enabled by many proxies.

New Anti-Filter Telegram Features:

Chat category (tab)
Advanced Forward
Hide chats
 Added new smart proxy servers
Added specific contacts
Adding new options to contacts changes
 Added drawing on chat page
 Optimizing the beautiful
 Added ID Finder
 Added Instant Forward Button and Profile Cloud Button
 Added pre-sticker and gif confirmation capability
 Added file manager
 Added night mode and optimized account shutdown
 Beautification (just long touch on emoticons icon)
Recent contacts changes (including photo names, etc.)
Instant Forward Key and Instant Save in profile in all chats
High-speed proxies
High speed compared to other apps

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دانلود تلگرام آر دی

تلگرام آر دی جدیدترین ورژن تلگرام قبل از سال 1399 می باشد که با امکانات متنوع و جذابی روانه بازار شبکه های اجتمایی شده است

این تلگرام به دلیل 100 % ضد فیلتر بودن از محبوبیت خاصی بین کاربران برخوردار شده است در اندک زمان انتشار برنامه و با خدمات ساده و دسته بندی کردن بخش های مختلف تلگرام در در قالب های ساده برای سهولت در دسترسی به بخش های مختلف به محبوبیت خود به شدت افزوده است.

تلگرام آردی دارای حالت روح بوده که از ویژگی های مورد علاقهی کاربران تلگرام است.

تلگرام آر دی با دارا بودن تعداد بیشماری پروکسی اتصال اتومتتیک تلگرام را تضمین می کند

ویژگی ها :

تمامی رباط ها بر روی تلگرام دی آر فعال هستند

تمامی گروه ها و کانال ها ی مختلف قابل انتقال به دی آر هستند با حفظ تمامی اعضا

امنیت تلگرام دی آر و تلگرام اصلی به علت استفاده از یک ای پی آی کاملا مشابه اسن

27 MB – دانلود تلگرام دی آر با لینک مستقیم
دانلود از پلی استور