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Learn to build a telegram group on Android and ios

Learn to build a telegram group on Android and ios

In the telegram it is possible to chat in the form of a group.But how can we build a group telegram?
In this article, we plan to teach how to build a telegram group in Android and iOS versions.

An introduction to the construction of the telegram group :

Telegram, as one of the most popular current messenger programs, does not support single-user interactions between two users,It also offers other special features.One of these capabilities is to build a telegram group and make group conversations possible.In this article, we are going to teach you how to build a telegram group in Android and iOS versions of this messenger application.

Build a telegram group on Android OS :

In order to build a telegram group in the Android version of this messenger program, you need to go through the following steps:

  • Run the Telegram program
  • Touch the three-line icon in the top left corner and above the Home screen to display the Telegram menu
  • Select New Group option
  • From the provided list, select the contacts you want to join in the group
  • After selecting the group members, touch the checkmark icon in the top right corner and the top of the screen.
  • Enter the group name.
  • Touch the checkmark icon in the top right corner of the screen.

You can easily create a group in the Android version of Telegram.

Build a telegram group on iOS :

In order to build a telegram group in the IPO version of this messenger application, you need to follow the steps below:

  • Run the Telegram program
  • Touch the icon in the upper right corner to create a new conversation
  • Select New Group option
  • Select the contacts you want to join in the group, then touch Next in the top right corner and the top of the page
  • Enter the name of the group
  • Touch Create

So as easy as you can in the ios version of the Telegram you will be able to build a group and conduct collective conversations.Note that the telegram groups are available in both the normal and super group

What is the difference between the Super Group of Telegram  and the normal group?

A typical telegram group can have up to 200 members andIn the normal group, each member will be able to change the group name, change the group’s photo, and add new members to it.But the Super Telegram Group can accommodate up to 5,000 members.The Super group of Telegram also uses Unified History, so messages that are removed from the group will be deleted in the Telegram of all group users.

The ability to pin or pitch important messages to the top of the page is also another feature of the Super group in Telegram .

So it’s quite clear that the Super Group of Telegram provides you with a professional experience, but for ordinary family conversations, etc., you can use normal group.

How to convert a super group of telegram to a normal group of telegram :

The transformation of a normal group of telegram into a super group of telegram is simply done.
To do this, just follow these steps:

  • Run the Telegram program.
  • Refer to the group.
  • Touch the name of the group to display its settings and list of members of the group.
  • Use the three dot icon in the top right corner of the page to access the group settings menu.
  • Choose Convert to supergroup.
  • Touch the Convert to supergroup option again.
  • Select OK in the pop-up window that appears.

You will simply be able to turn a normal group into a Super Group.

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Buy Telegram Fake members

Buy Telegram Fake members

Buy Telegram Fake members

What is Fake member?

fake member is registered only with virtual numbers and there is no real person.

Fake member :
1 : the member Not falling
2 : the post Not seen

Most telegram channels today use this kind of member. Most members contain identical or untitled or single-image names, and their online timing is the same, and with their online time they are the same for several weeks or even A few months ago.

A member’s lifetime is between several weeks to several months But they are very functional.

tips :
Each channel of the telegram has its own unique reputation and This reputation is entirely dependent on the number of telegram members.The more channel members are, The channel is more famous

Goals of using fake member:

  • Quickly increase channel members
  • Validate the channel
  • to be cheap

fake members are made up of virtual numbers And will be added to your channel.

We can help your business with the telegram
Telegram is an important market for sales and business

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Full Telegram Training [ Telegram guaid ]

Full Telegram Training [ Telegram guaid ]

Full Telegram Training

Telegram can now be considered one of the most popular messenger application, that with its incredible features has attracted the attention of several tens of millions of users.We decided to examine the telegram and teach you the most basic and most complex features.


To register on the telegram, it is sufficient after entering the program to enter your number without the number 0 . The activation code is sent to you. After entering the received code, your registration will be completed and you will be asked for the name and last name, which you can enter in full or in the abbreviation, as desired.Your profile picture will also be customizable from the beginning. After specifying these items, you will enter the main telegram environment that will be empty at first. buy telegram members Note that all of the items you specify, including the name and profile photo in the future, you can change.Wait a few minutes at the beginning of the entry until Your contacts will be added to your list.
Note that if you enter your account number on the other device in standby mode, the message will be sent as a telegram message, not as SMS.If the code was not sent to you,To solve this problem, just select the Send VIA SMS option to send the code as SMS.

2-registration problems
The problems you may experience in this section are the failure to receive the code by telegram.If you do not receive the code, the telegram call you after 2 minutes for read the code as audio.If you encounter with error after entering number, it also means that the number is blocked by the telegram.This item is either temporarily or permanently

3-Add people
There are two ways to add a new people to your telegram.
First method: save the desired number.
Second Method: other person has your number.

First method : The number will be added to your telegram. This way, although it is a better way,It may take a long time.
Second Method : go to the her profile and select add

If you only contact someone with an ID, you will not be able to add it.

4-Start the conversation
After the initial entry into the telegram, the app will automatically scan existing phone numbers and add people to your contacts who are telegram members .

Start a private conversation (secret chat ) and its benefits


In addition to the usual conversation in the telegram, there is another type of “Secret Chat” that has important differences with ordinary chats and we will continue to introduce them.To start this type of conversation, go to the profile of the person you are looking for and select the Secret Chat option.

  • The first and most important difference between this type of chat with the regular chats is the End To End protocol. All messages in this chat type will be encrypted and will not be saved nowhere.Unlike ordinary chat that is visible on all devices that are connected to your telegram (such as a telegram computer version), the secret chat will only be used on the same device that you create.The End To End protocol will bring you the maximum security possible in the Telegram.Because the exchanged messages are stored on your phone and the other person, not on the telegram servers. Hence, it will be almost impossible to decode them.
  • The second difference in this type of conversation is the automatic clearing of messages. You can specify that messages sent 5 seconds after being read will be automatically deleted so that they can be exploited to a minimum. This is customizable time.
  • The third difference is that in this type of chat for security reasons, taking screenshots is notified to the individual.
  • Unable to forward message from secret chat

5-Making group:


If you want to create a friendly circle or a family group and you like posting a post for a specific collection, you can use the possibility of making a group in the telegram.
To do this, and to create a new group, just select the New Group option from the menu.tap this option, you will immediately be logged in to your contact list. In this section, touch the name of all the people you are going to be in your group, and finally click the check mark in the top menu.the final step, specifying the name and group photo, and after doing so, again, you’ll need to touch the check mark in the top menu.Any message sent to this group will now be visible to all members in the group..The job is over .

6-Making a supergroup:

If you are going to build a group with many members, you need to have a supergroup . You can not create a supergroup individually, but you must convert it into a Super Group after making a group by going to the settings.This is possible only by the main admin who is building the group, and other group administrators will not be able to convert it.Except for the limitation in the number of members, there are other differences between the group and the supergroup that Among them, it’s possible to,pinched an important message to the top of the page, the possibility of blocking members, the impossibility of returning them to the group,delete the message of a user for everyone ,and ….

7-Making the channel:

On the channel, only one person (or team) will be responsible for posting, and the rest will only play the role of the visitor.The channel is used for a celebrity or a recreational or commercial team, and ordinary people will not need to build a channel, although this is available to everyone.For example, companies and celebrities can make their own newsletters, new product images, and more by making and recruiting channels.

  • It is possible to make the channel public and private in two ways. If you make your channel publicly, your channel will be displayed in the Telegram search section; however, if you select private mode, your channel will only be accessible by a membership link and will not be displayed in public queries.
  • Channel addressing will also be possible in two form of the ID and Link Join. The difference between the ID and the membership link is that with the release of the ID, the user can first view channel and then join.But with the publication of the membership link, the user must be first join to channel so that after that will be able to view your posts.

8-Silent (Mute)group or channel:

To do this, just mute or mute the chat, channel or group. This way, all messages sent from that person, channel, or group will be muted.

9-Reply to messages:

Reply to messages in a telegram is one of the useful tools that you can respond to as a specified message.You can turn the message into the quote state by touching each message and selecting the Reply option and typing the corresponding answer.After completing and sending a reply, the sender’s message will be listed briefly at the top of your reply to determine which message your response was related to.This is especially useful at times when chatting in a group, and you can respond to it in a specified manner.

10-send Message:

Normally, in order to send a photo or video to someone else, you have to download and then send it. But thanks to the possibility of forwarding, you can long-forward a photo, video, song to others without having to download and upload it.
Note that by doing so, the name of the original sender will be visible along with the message itself.

11-Edit sent messages:
In the telegram, up to 2 days after sending a message, you can edit it. you can edit your message by tapping the message once and choosing Edit.Once edited, an edited label will be added below the message so that the individual will notice the message being changed.

12-Delete sent messages: text, sticker and …

Fortunately, in version 3.16,you’ll be able to delete messages, stickers, and files even after sending (up to 2 days);So that the message from the other phone is completely erased .

To do this, just touch the message, sticker or file, and then select the Delete option.Please note that after this, a window will appear in which there is an option called Delete FOR.In order for the message to be deleted for the other person and can not be displayed, you must enable this option and then confirm the deletion of the message.

12-Send voice message:

Just touch and hold the microphone icon next to the telegram text box. As long as you your finger from the screen, your voice will be captured and To send To send an audio message, pick up your finger.

13-Send video message (video):

Video messages is an interesting and fascinating feature that is available to the public in recent versions of Telegram.You can create and send your own video from the front or back camera.

14-Send photos, videos and files:

Photo, audio, video and any other format you think will be sent by telegram.
If you want to send a photo or video, go to the Gallery option and if you want to send any file other than photo and video, touch the File option and Post it after finding the file.

15-Live location (instantaneous location)

With this fun feature, you can now share your location live with your friends;To use this option, just go to the Location section and touch the ‘Share My Location for …’ option

16-Save photos, videos and files on your phone

If you received a photo, video, or sound in the telegram and wanted to save it, just touch the space next to that message and select the Save To Downloads / Gallery option.

17-Learn to make voice telegram calls
Go to the profile of the person that you want and Touch the call icon.

18-Add and manage stickers

If you see a sticker that was appealing to you.Just touch it and select ADD window.

19-Build a popular sticker package

You can have your favorite stickers in a package.To do this, just touch the space beside the stickers you want and choose Add To Favorite.

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Best Bitcoin Telegram bot [ earning money ]

Best Bitcoin Telegram bot
[ earning money ]

Best Bitcoin Telegram bot
Best Bitcoin Telegram bot

Bitcoin telegram Bots are divided into several categories , To work on some of these robots, it’s necessary to inject some money into capital, or some of them will force you to invite your friends to join the robot And others, You can easily withdraw from the account without having to invest or invite friends
* Our suggestion is to use robots that are free

profitrobot bitcoin      Click To Start
globaltradingrobot bitcoin      Click To Start
freebitcoinbot bitcoin      Click To Start
mfarm_bot bitcoin      Click To Start
careth_bot Ethereum      Click To Start
cashrobotsbot bitcoin      Click To Start
cashzoobot bitcoin      Click To Start
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farmbitcoin_bot bitcoin      Click To Start
farmeth_bot Ethereum      Click To Start
pirate_bay_game_bot bitcoin      Click To Start
dinoparkbot bitcoin      Click To Start
bitcoinmining_v3_bot bitcoin      Click To Start
bitcoin_cloud_mining_bot bitcoin      Click To Start
hayday2bot bitcoin      Click To Start
miningcloudbtc_bot bitcoin      Click To Start

Buy Telegram Bot Member

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How to Create Stickers pack For Telegram

How to Create Stickers pack For Telegram

How to Create Telegram Stickers
How to Create Telegram Stickers

How to make a sticker in a telegram :

1. To create a sticker in the Telegram, first prepare your favorite images for the sticker pack.
Maximum dimensions of photos are 512 * 512 and The maximum volume is 350 KB.

2. Click on the link in the first step [@stickers ] and then click on the option /Start after entering the robot

3. To create a new sticker pack, first click or type the /start command and then /newpack.

4. Then chose the name of the sticker

5. Submit your photo file with the PNG extension as a file from Attach

6. Specify a emoji associated with that photo or sticker

7. You built your first sticker from your package, you can submit the next images by repeating steps 5 and 6 as you said.

8. After sending all sticker images, type “/ publish” or click on it.

9. You are requested to submit a short and unique (non-repetitious) name in English. This name will be selected as your sticker link

10. You’ve made your own sticker and got your sticker link, now you can share it with your friends.

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How to Create a Telegram channel [ Android – Windows – ios ]

How to Create a Telegram channel

[ Android – Windows – ios ]

How to Create a Telegram channel
How to Create a Telegram channel

Learn how to build a telegram channel in Android version :

1. First, make sure you have the latest version of the telegram installed on your Android phone

2. Then go to the Telegram settings


3. Click New Channel, as shown below.


3. At this point, write the name and description of the channel and Click on the icon.


4. On the new page you must select the type of your own channel.Private Channel is used for the private channel and Public Channel for the public channel.In the              link section, write your URL and Finally click on the tick icon.


5. On the new page, select Channel members from your audience  and Click on tick to create your channel


Learn to build a telegram channel in the Windows Telegram version :

1. First make sure you have the latest version of the telegram installed on your Windows

2. Open the Windows Telegram and click on the small icon next to the search box, as shown below


3. Click on the new channel option.Like the image below


4. The rest of the steps are exactly like Android version

Build a channel on the ios system :

1. First, click on the tab and font options in the upper right corner.


2. Then click the New Channel option in the list that you see on the page.


3. On the this page you must enter the name of your telegram channel
and then you can write optional descriptions of your channel or upload the image.


4. In this section you must select a private or public mode for your channel.


5. If you select the private option, the link will automatically be created for you
and navigate to the next step by clicking on the next option.

6.At this point, you select your channel audience from your Telegram contacts list

Note :  that you can only select 200 people at the start of your activity as your channel member.

 To build and manage the channel, consider the following points:

1. The difference between the public channel and the private is that in a general way, in public channel everyone can easily access your channel using the search bar or forwarded messages but This is not possible in the private channel, and the only way to access and subscribe to other people is by using a link,that is generated exclusively for your channel automatically

2. If your telegram channel is public, you can create your own link, otherwise, the private telegram channel link will be created by the telegram.

3. Please note that the link you enter for public channel, can be used as an ID channel with @.

4. Other users can access and connect to your channel via the link, forwarded message, the channel ID, and the search bar section.

5. The ability to change information are available from the channel settings menu:
turn public or private type
switching links
displaying the name of the person posting
deleting, adding new admins
managing admins
as well as controlling the overall activity

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Increase Telegram members (channels and groups)

Increase Telegram members

(channels and groups)

Increase Telegram members (channels and groups)
Increase Telegram members (channels and groups)

Increasing the number of channel members and the telegram group is the main goal of any admin
Increase members = Increase advertising and revenue
In this article, Buy Fake Telegram Subscribers we intend to introduce methods for increasing the number of members of the telegram (channel and group).

Things to be addressed by channel or group manager : 

1 : Increasing the Telegram members by producing appropriate content : 
Creating the right content is the first step in attracting members into the group.This can greatly influence the rise of the Telegram members.You should not change the subject of your productive content. Try to choose the best possible theme right from the beginning.

2 : Increasing Telegram members by making public channels :
One of the main conditions for enhancing the Buy Real Telegram Subscribers is that it public Because only the public channels of the telegram are visible in the search, and the constructor can attach the desired name to the invitation link.

3 : Increasing the Telegram members with the addition of 200 primitive members to the channel :
When you are building a telegram, you can add up to 200 members of contact list to your channel’s .

4 : Increase the Telegram Members by selecting the appropriate name and link :
The name of your group and channel, if are in the minds of the members, will attract more of them

5 : Increase Telegram Members by entering the channel address below each post :
By doing this, when your posts are forwarded by other users to other users, they can also be added to your channel or group via this link.

6: Increasing telegram members by improving the appearance of posts :
Beauty in your posts = Strengthen the channel and join your group

7 : Increasing Telegram members with Link Exchange :
Publishing your channel invitation link on another Buy Telegram Post Views can certainly be one of the best ways to increase the membership of the telegram.

8 : Increasing Telegram members with ads :
This method is one of the most effective methods available to increase the membership of the telegram.
To do this, you will not be limited to advertising on other channels and telegram groups and you can also use different Internet sites.

9 : Increasing the Telegram members with the release of attractive video posts :
Publishing video posts or high quality photos on the channel is far more satisfying than long content and text content.

10 : Increasing the Telegram Members by creating a contest and awarding prizes : 

11 : Increasing Telegram members by continuously publishing posts :
Try to keep publishing channel posts up to date.

12 : Buy real Telegram member :
Another way these days is to use it to increase the number of telegram members is heavily prevalent, is the purchase of members.

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Telegram Group Manager Bot – Free & Pro

Telegram Group Manager Bot 

Free & Pro

Telegram Group Manager Bot 
Telegram Group Manager Bot

Robots are good options for promoting repetitive and routine processes in the telegram environment.
Robots play an important role in group management and in facilitating the management process of teams and Using these robots will increase the efficiency of your group.

1 : Robot features at a glance :

  • You want an anti-link in your Telegram group
  • for say,Welcome new members
  • Banning the use of stickers
  • Prohibition of posting at a particular time
  • Having an assistant to manage the group
  • Lock the group automatically
  • Filter specific words in the group
  • Anti-forwards
  • Anti-replay
  • Anti-editing message
  • Language and dialects management
  • Anti-insulting
  • Blacklist words
  • Anti-link
  • Text analysis (anti-IP, anti-hashtag, anti-email)
  • Send greetings and say goodbye

2 : My groups section
You can see the groups that you are the builder or their manager in this section!

3 : Department management department
In this section you can manage your groups!

4 : Department Information Department
The creator and group managers can access this section!
In this section you can see the general information of the group!

5 : Basic group settings
Only the group’s creator can access this section!

6: Restrict manager access
If managers are restricted, managers of your group can not access the group settings.

7 : Apply Limitations for
In this section, you can set the limits (for example, anti-link) to apply. (1- all 2-all except builder 3- all except builder and managers)

8 : Administrator update
With the Administrators update button, you can update the group administrators list.

9 : Default configuration mode:
By doing this, all the settings done are set to the default, note that data such as greetings, etc. are not deleted, and only group settings return to the first by the glass button!

10 : Remove robots from the group:
By doing this, the robot will delete all of your group information, including greetings commands and word filtering rules, and all group data will be lost and the robot will automatically leave your group. This mode is when you suggest no use. You do not have a robot and you want to remove the entire robot from the group.

11 : Main group settings section
Builders and managers (if managers are not restricted) Groups can access this section!

12 : Inbound and outbound notifications
You can send greetings and farewell messages in any way you like.
You can also set the join and left messages to be automatically deleted from the group

13 : Group lock
When the lock is enabled, the robot does not allow anyone to chat and send messages to the group!

14 : Settings
The robot can handle message management when the group is locked

15 : Hours allowed to chat
Set the chat time in the group and If this section is set to ‘always’, the limit for users’ chat times will not apply!

16 : Add new member
New commute control in the group

17 : Join the group with the link
Removing people who have been added to the group with a private link if they are unauthorized

18 : Add person to group
When adding a person to the group is unauthorized, if a person adds a person to the group, the robot removes that person immediately!

19 : Add a robot to the group
When adding a robot to an unauthorized group, if a person adds a robot to the group, the original robot immediately removes the robot from the group!

20 : Anti spam
In this section, you can set what robot to do if someone sends spam to the group! You can also specify how many messages the user sends in 5 seconds to identify as spam!

21 : media
In this section you can set which types of messages are allowed to your group!

22 : Silent mode
You can put users in a silent list to be reminded to the person who sent the message in the group!

23 : Manage users in the silent list
In this section, you can see that users are in the list of silence and remove them from the list!

24 : Forward messages
In this section you can set whether forwarding a message in the group is allowed.

25 : Replayed messages
In this section you can set whether the message is allowed in the group to be allowed

26 : Edit the message
In this section you can set whether or not to edit the message in the group.

27 : Language and dialect
In this section, you can determine which languages are allowed

28 : Insults and threats
In this section, you can set user permissions to be in different languages in the group.

29 :Black List Lists
You can put words in the blacklist and the robot manages the words in the blacklist

30 : Message Hacks
In this section, you can set users to send text containing links.

31 : External links
External links mean the same links to the outside of the telegram, such as websites

32 : Internal links
The internal links are the same as channel links, groups, and more!

33 : Manage white list links
You can place links in the white list so that the robot does not pay attention to those links!

34 : Text analysis
Tons of IDs :
If the text containing the IP is illegal and someone sends the text containing the IP in the group,The robot reminds him.
Text contains hashtags :
If the text containing the hashtag is unauthorized and someone sends the text containing hashtags in the group, the bot will remind him.
The text contains the email :
If the text containing the email is illegal and someone sends the text containing the email in the group, the robot encounters it!

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Telegram Crypto groups – all Group & all Countries

Telegram Crypto groups

all Group & all Countries

Cryptocurrency Group in Telegram

Telegram Crypto groups
Telegram Crypto groups

English Crypto groups

griccoin1 [ New ]    Join Chat
Tachain_EN [ New ]    Join Chat
qiibee [ New ]    Join Chat
fidelityhouse [ New ]    Join Chat
Caspian_Tech [ New ]    Join Chat
silentnotary [ New ]    Join Chat
boomstarternetwork [ New ]    Join Chat
agatechain_group [ New ]    Join Chat
triwer    Join Chat
opportyico     Join Chat
nortonchainEN    Join Chat
agentmile    Join Chat
wdw_milc_en    Join Chat
metahash_eng    Join Chat
icotalkk    Join Chat
DFinity    Join Chat
springrole    Join Chat
LociNexus     Join Chat
bitcoinearnings     Join Chat
matchpool     Join Chat
fatpigsignalstrollbox     Join Chat
exxoexchange     Join Chat
melonport     Join Chat
sportsbet     Join Chat
Equi_Trader     Join Chat
karbowanec     Join Chat
gridcoin     Join Chat
potcoin420     Join Chat
dagcoinen     Join Chat
darcrus     Join Chat
bulwarkcrypto     Join Chat
rarepepetradergroup     Join Chat
Libereum     Join Chat
pivxchat     Join Chat
decentch     Join Chat
SALTLendingDiscussion     Join Chat
airdropscollectorgiveaway     Join Chat
CrystalClearICO     Join Chat
AugurProject     Join Chat
iconomi     Join Chat
AUDOfficialGroup     Join Chat
pascalcoin     Join Chat
NucleusVision     Join Chat
HyperLedger     Join Chat
btccom     Join Chat
bigorg     Join Chat
Counterparty     Join Chat
storjproject     Join Chat
 CryptoBeats     Join Chat
creativechain     Join Chat
trezortalk     Join Chat
steem_en     Join Chat
devnetwork_official     Join Chat
wxbtoken     Join Chat
ydentity_token     Join Chat
OmniLayer     Join Chat
CryptoGifs     Join Chat
backtoearth     Join Chat
RadiumOfficial     Join Chat
tamilbtc     Join Chat
CoinParliament     Join Chat
pitchapplycommunity     Join Chat
nevacoin     Join Chat
NameCoin     Join Chat
beonbox     Join Chat
blackcoin     Join Chat
komodoplatform     Join Chat
Bounty_Nousplatform     Join Chat
IndiNodeChat     Join Chat
FactomFCT     Join Chat
BTCFork     Join Chat
ExpanseTech     Join Chat
CryptoMedicsDiscussion     Join Chat
EthBitsChatroom     Join Chat
Crypto_chat     Join Chat
pepecash     Join Chat
Ubiqsmart     Join Chat
SmartContracts     Join Chat
EZExchangeCommunity     Join Chat
maidsafecoin     Join Chat
renoscoin     Join Chat
LightningNetwork     Join Chat
electroneum_news_group     Join Chat
GnosisPM     Join Chat
BelaCoin     Join Chat
bigdatamalaysia     Join Chat
moneroitalia     Join Chat
martexcoin     Join Chat
CryptoCharity     Join Chat
peerguess     Join Chat
singulardtv     Join Chat
Segwit     Join Chat
cryptoconnoisseurs     Join Chat
ShadowCash     Join Chat
Cryphos     Join Chat
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CryptoBeats     Join Chat
Bittrex_chat     Join Chat
MyICOPoolOfficial     Join Chat
NautilusCoin     Join Chat
xrpita     Join Chat
EntryBank     Join Chat
EntryBank     Join Chat
FoldingCoin     Join Chat
ufocoin     Join Chat
SuperNetorg     Join Chat
softchain     Join Chat
Pctraders     Join Chat
CryptoForecastint     Join Chat
blockchainDevs     Join Chat
blockchains     Join Chat
BitconnectXOfficial     Join Chat
purkproject     Join Chat
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